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Ray-Ban Original Wayfarer RB 2140 50mm Extremely Dark Silver-Mirrored Lenses

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Product Description

Ray-Ban Original Wayfarer RB 2140 50mm G-15 glass lenses with Extremely Dark Silver-Mirrored coating applied, only 2% visible light transmission. . .

These are special purpose lenses for people who suffer from extreme sensitivity to light. They're the darkest lenses we know of. The base lens is a stock G-15 American Grey (GreyGreen) glass lenses which were made by Bausch & Lomb in Rochester, NY before they sold Ray-Ban to Luxottica in Italy.  A heavy Inconel Silver Mirror was applied to the surface to bring the visible light transmission (VLT) down from the normal 16% uncoated state to slightly less than 2% (in other words it lets only 2% of the light through). A serious sun lens. It also stops all the UV light (0% UV) and just about all of the Infrared light (3% IR transmission). We have only a few of these left, they'll go very quickly. They fit only the Original Wayfarers, the so-called "Original Wayfarers" RB 2140 in the regular 50mm size. Will not fit the "New Wayfarers RB 2132" frames. To install the lenses in your frame you'll have to go to a local optical shop, installing lenses in the Original Wayfarer frames is not a do-it-yourself project, you'll end up very frustrated and ruin the frame. If you have the need for these lenses, you won't find these anywhere else. Not only is these original Bausch & Lomb lenses collectors items, but even if you had a pair in new condition and sent them out to have this kind of mirror applied, the mirror alone would set you back at least $50 to $100, depending on who you got to do it for you. We estimate that the value of these lenses are about $90.00 per pair. We used to sell a lot of these lenses to people with Lyme disease (on the Marshall Protocol) and other patients that suffered from excessive light entering the eye.

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