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Ray-Ban 58mm Aviator glass replacement lenses without logo

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We are in the process of retiring and closing the business, so order now if you can, stock is getting low on everything left. . .

Ray-Ban 58mm glass Aviator replacement lenses without logos

Glass replacement lenses for Ray-Ban Aviator (3025) and Ray-Ban Outdoorsman 58mm size frames and some other frames as well.

These lenses are available in Glass only (plastic lenses can flex fall out of these thin frames real easy).

These lenses are cut in our own lab (which we have been doing for over 40 years) without the Ray-Ban logo. Why? Ray-Ban does not offer these lenses all of the time, when they do, they are considerably more expensive than the lenses from our lab. Most of these lenses come from the same suppliers that all the major brands use, none of them come from China.

See the copy below that shows you how to determine the size of the lenses in your frame. We have always offered lens options that the factory doesn't currently offer because our customers demand it. So you can save quite a few bucks and get the same performance by buying our replacement lenses.

If you want Ray-Ban factory replacement lenses with logos, they are also available on this website, we still have a small supply of these but are not reordering them because we are retiring and shutting down the business.

The model numbers for these frames have changed over the years, currently the Ray-Ban model number for the Aviator frames is RB 3025 and RB 3030 for the 58mm Outdoorsman. There are other frames that these lenses will fit; the 58mm Shooter RB3138, the 58mm RB 3479 Folding Aviator, the 58mm RB 8041 Titanium Aviator, the 58mm Flat Metal Aviator, the 58mm RB8029K Ultra Aviator, the old 58mm Vagabond plastic frames, and a few others. If you have any doubts about which ones you have see the "How to determine frame size" copy below. Lens colors available:


Ray-Ban G-15 factory glass lenses with logo on the right lens. The G-15 is the original Ray-Ban grey/green color has been around since 1938. It is also commonly called the American Grey lens. It is the most popular Ray-Ban lens. The replacements lenses that are listed as "no logo" means that the lens is the same color as this one, but it is cut in our lab so has no logo printed on the lens. Has a light transmission of 15% (dark). Plastic versions of this lens do not have the same optical characteristics of our glass lenses, many of the plastic "G-15" lenses will distort colors and have higher or lower light transmission levels.



This is the "Kontraster" lens, also known as the Ray-Ban B-15, American Optical Cosmetan, in the optical industry as the "Tan C". This glass lens filters out the most "blue" light and increases the contrast of what you see through it. Our most popular lens by far. Has a light transmission of 17% (dark). Plastic versions of this lens do not have the same optical characteristics of our glass lenses, many of the plastic "Tan C" lenses will distort colors and have higher or lower light transmission levels.



 Note: The illustrations show logos on the lenses, this is not the correct photo of this product, the lenses do not have the logos as shown.

How to tell for sure what your Ray-Ban metal frame size is:

The brow bar on all Ray-Ban metals (the part in the middle of the frame) has the frame and bridge size stamped on it in tiny letters (you may need a magnifying glass to read it). It will have something like 58 (then a small square) and 16 stamped on it. This means it is a 58mm size frame with a 16mm wide bridge (spacing between the lenses). On the "Aviator" shaped frames it could have a 52, 55, 58, 62 or even a 64 stamped on it.



Prices are for one pair (sold in pairs only) of glass lenses.

Note about Ray-Ban counterfeit glasses: The sale of Ray-Ban counterfeit sunglasses is rampant in the U.S. We get people ordering replacement lenses then calling to say they don't fit. If you order the correct size, they will fit, if the glasses you have are counterfeit, they probably won't. We get a lot of counterfeit glasses sent to us for repair, some of the copies are really good, but we can tell them apart instantly. If you bought some from other than an Authorized Dealer, there is a good chance they are counterfeit. Ebay, flea markets, and other such outlets are the primary source of the counterfeits. If they are too cheap to be true, they are probably fakes. One way to tell if it's a Ray-Ban, on the metal frames, is to turn the frame upside-down, then looking at the top bar that holds the lenses together, it should read the lens and bridge size. Like on the 62mm frame shown in the illustration above, the top bar will have this stamped in it: Ray-Ban 62 square 14. If there is nothing stamped in it, it's not a genuine Ray-Ban. But the latest fakes we are seeing have all the same marking as the genuine Ray-Ban, buyers beware.


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