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Randolph Engineering Military Aviator Replacement glass lenses

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This is our final closeout sale, after 52 years we are shutting down the business and retiring...

Replacement Glass Lenses for Randolph Engineering Military Aviator sunglasses, 52mm, 55mm and 58mm

Non-prescription replacement lenses for Randolph Engineering Military Aviator sunglasses. We are out of Randolph glass lenses with their logo on them, so lenses cut in our lab left that do not have the logo on them, and they are quickly running out as well.  Many of the lenses we offer are not available from Randolph, so they have no logo on them either. The colors illustrated in the photo are; on the left, the Kontraster (called the B-15 by Ray-Ban, or the Tan C by Randolph--color of an amber beer bottle, these lenses are all gone now), at the center is the standard military Dark Grey (also called the Neutral Grey, Grey C, or "True color"--does not alter colors or contrast), and on the right is the American Grey (also called the AGX, G-15 and GreyGreen--these lenses have a greenish cast to them when you hold them up to the light, look black like the Dark Grey when they are on your face, we have only a few of the G-15 Glass Polarized left).

The G-15 Grey Polarized glass lenses are the same color as the Ray-Ban G15.

Make sure you choose the correct lens size, if you want to make sure of the frame size, look under the brow bar, it will have a 52, 55 or 58 stamped on it. It is stamped in tiny letters, so you may need a magnifying glass.

Lens prices are for one pair of lenses, no frame or carrying case included. You can change the lenses yourself at home if you like, or return the frame to us and we'll change the lenses for you at no extra charge.

We'll need the size of the frame as well as the lens color choice.

We use the same lens material as the manufacturer, have been doing this for over 40 years. They are available, as an example, in 52mm, 55mm and 58mm sizes. All lenses guaranteed to fit. See the article below on how to determine frame size if you don't have a millimeter ruler, 52mm is a tad over 2 inches wide, 55mm is 2 3/16" wide and 58mm is 2 5/16" wide. 

To find the size of the lenses you need, turn your frame upside down and read the fine stamping on the "U" shaped bridge, it will have a number like 55 on the right indicating this is a 55mm size frame, then it will show a square indicating "bridge size" and finally the number on the right in this case is 20, meaning that the distance between the lenses is 20mm. All you need is the first number, the 55, to place your order.






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