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How to tell what size Ray-Ban metal frames you have


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How to tell for sure what your Ray-Ban metal frame size is:

The brow bar on all Ray-Ban metals (the part in the middle of the frame) has the frame and bridge size stamped on it in tiny letters (you may need a magnifying glass to read it). It will have something like 58 (then a small square) 16 stamped on it. This means it is a 58mm size frame with a 16mm wide bridge (spacing between the lenses). On the "Aviator" shaped frames it could have a 52, 55, 58, 62 or even a 64 stamped on it.



Please Note: On the lens selection menu these lenses are custom-cut in our lab and will not have the Ray-Ban logo on them.

Prices are for one pair (sold in pairs only) of glass lenses.

Note about Ray-Ban counterfeit glasses: The sale of Ray-Ban counterfit sunglasses is rampant in the U.S. We get people ordering replacement lenses then calling to say they don't fit. If you order the correct size, they will fit, if the glasses you have are counterfeit, they probably won't. We get a lot of counterfeit glasses sent to us for repair, some of the copies are really good, but we can tell them apart instantly. If you bought some from other than an Authorized Dealer, there is a good chance they are counterfeit. Before you buy Ray-Ban sunglasses, check their website at http://www.ray-ban.com/usa, at the top of the website you'll find the link "Store Locator", type in the zip code of the store you are buying from, it should be listed. Ebay, flea markets, and other such outlets are the primary source of the counterifeits. If they are too cheap to be true, they are probably fakes. One way to tell if it's a Ray-Ban, on the metal frames, is to turn the frame upside-down, then looking at the top bar that holds the lenses together it should read the lens and bridge size. Like on the 62mm frame shown in the illustration above, the top bar will have this stamped in it: Ray-Ban 62 square 14. If there is nothing stamped in it, it's not a genuine Ray-Ban.


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