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Extreme Wraparound Sunglass with bifocal near the bottom

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We are shutting down the business Oct 1st, last chance

SR-23BF Extreme Wraparound Goggle with bifocal near the bottom

Last chance to get a modern Extreme Wraparound Goggle with a built-in reader near the bottom. We had these in our catalog, but they got harder and harder to come by and we had to drop them from the line. Just  before we started shutting down a year ago we finally got a small shipment of these. We still don't have a lot of them, so don't wait too long to order, they should be gone in a few days.

Several things are unique about these sunglasses:

  • They meet OSHA approved Z87.1 safety standards, the Polycarbonate lenses have a very high impact-resistance while offering a distortion free view. 
  • They have Clear lenses
  • They have one of the most comfortable frames to wear with foam padding around the top and bottom, and a super comfortable nose bridge.
  • The extreme wraparound feature tend to hold the glass in place, while affording you a panoramic view. Having a small reading area built into the bottom of the lenses allows you to focus better on close-up things like dashboards and instrument panels. We used to sell these mostly to pilots who have to see all of the instrument panel very clearly, now our cars are getting so complex with so many gadgets to attend to on the dashboard that is crucial that you see more things that you may or may not see as well as you should, these glasses can help. Most people start noticing difficulty in focusing on things close up somewhere around age 40 or even younger now days. Even though their distance vision  still be good.
  • The design is part reader and part goggle, makes nice motorcycle or bicycle goggles due to the extremely wide coverage of the lenses. Force the wind to bypass your eyes.

All things considered, a real bargain. Only a small supply left, and since we are selling out, this may be you last chance to get these at this price.

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