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Behind glasses slip-in Polarized sunshields

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Product Description

 Behind glasses slip-in Polarized sunshields

Just slip these behind your regular glasses, they lock in on the top of your frame, provide 100% UV protection and are polarized. The Grey version has a visible light transmission of 16% and the Yellow, which is not polarized, is almost clear at 70% (for night driving).

You can wear these behind clear glasses, and they'll provide all the protection you need, including elimination of a lot of reflected glare through the polarizing action (except the Yellow which are not polarized). The size is 5 1/8 inches wide (127mm), and 1 3/4" inchs tall (45mm).  You can cut them to size with scissors. Good to carry in your glove box as an extra sunglass, or, if you are going out on the water you can even slip them in behind your regular sunglasses and get the polarizing benefits.

If you slip the Dark Grey sunshield behind G-15, Dark Grey or Kontraster glass sunglass lenses, they'll bring the overall light transmission down to about 6% (extremely dark), which is good for on-the-water use. The Yellow sunshields will only darken sunglasses down to about 12%. Color choice:  Grey or Yellow.