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Shutting down our business after 47 years

Old age and failing health has caught up with us, we are shutting down. We'll miss so many of our customers who have become good friends over these 47 years, we would like to wish each and every one of you good health and a prosperous and happy life. We'll be open for a few more months to give you time to "stock up" on parts, frames, lenses, etc., whatever you need. Jim is going in the hospital for Heart Bypass surgery October 24th, recovery will take about 4 weeks, so there may be gaps in service. It looks like we'll still be open for business until as late as February 2015.

Surgery report on Jim, November 9th. I'm home beginning recovery. The surgery went well with no unexpected complications. Took a few days longer in the hospital than planned, but everything looks good at this point. Jim cannot thank all his well wishers and the people who prayed for him enough, all the prayers and well wishes were felt. Thank you again.

How to communicate with us from now until the end:

We would like to talk to you over the phone as we have been able to do for 47 years, but the shear volume of calls have far exceeded our ability to do this, we have gotten so far behind since the beginning of summer that we have about 400+ unanswered phone messages which we just can't get to, we apologize for this.We have quit taking orders for prescription lenses. Also, since we are running out of popular merchandise, so we have taken the Printed Catalog off the website.

The best way to communicate as we prepare to close the doors will be via FAX at 319-641-9700, or by ordering on this website (remember, you can leave us messages in the "comments" area of the order blank for special questions or instructions, etc.), or by email at hidalgos@suddenlinkmail.com .

The fastest way to process orders is to order on the website, another fast way is to FAX (at 319-641-9700) your order to us, that way we will have everything we need to process the order immediately. It is very difficult for us to establish phone communications at this time, we can work on email, fax and website orders 24/7, but phone order take too much time we simply don't have.

If you choose to order on the website you can use the "comments" area on the order blank to leave any specific instructions, we read these carefully as customers normally put important information in that section, such as prescriptions, instructions such as "move the seg height up or down", or "make the color a little darker than the last glasses", or "call before shipping", etc., anything we need to know before processing your order.

Website orders are handled a little differently than the old phone method, due to new credit card security we no longer have access to your complete credit card number, so if we need to change the order by increasing the amount, we can't do this, we can only lower the amount of the original charge, especially important now since we are selling out and may not have everything as we did before.


Here is our schedule for the next few months:

We will be operating from November 17th at a reduced service rate, we have gotten so far behind on processing orders and inquiries since we announced our retirement, we will take whatever time necessary to "catch up", and hopefully re-open December 1st under our normal full service after Jim's Heart Surgery.

We will use the entire month of November to catch-up and prepare for a final sell-out, we have 47 years worth of frames, parts, lenses, sunglasses and other items that we need to inventory, catalog and get on the website for our final sales, which is going on now and will continue until we sell out. We are already running out of a lot of things that we are no longer re-ordering, don't wait to long.

Last chance to stock up, everything must go

We'll keep in touch on this homepage to let you know as things change.

We have had a lot of questions about "where do I go to get what I've been ordered from Hidalgo's for so many years"?

We don't have an answer for this yet. Your best bet for prescription glasses is to ask around, find what other peoples experiences have been locally or nationally. We have always been so busy taking care of our own business that we haven't had time to look around.

We plan to put the business itself up for sale after the first of the year. Hopefully the new owners will continue the service we have provided for over 47 years.


 Randolph Engineering frame with Bayonet temples

 Randolph Engineering frame with Cable temples