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Shutting down our business after 47 years

We plan to close the doors Sept. 16, 2015

We will be moving to Crossville, Tn near the end of September 2015.

If we have any merchandise left over to sell, we will reopen

after we move for a few weeks until we sell out completely.

Old age and failing health has caught up with us, we are shutting down the business to retire. We'll miss so many of our customers who have become good friends over these 47 years, we would like to wish each and every one of you good health and a prosperous and happy life.

Thank you for supporting us all these years. We regret not being able to continue operations for a period of time to allow all of our customer to stock up on their favorite items, but failing health simply won't allow it. So our only goal now is to sell out as quickly as possible.

We will keep you updated on this Home Page as to where we are in selling out our merchandise. This is the final closeout sale for our store, we are not reordering product but trying to sell everything in the store, everything must go. We have sold over 90% of the remaining stock.

This is the final phase of the shutdown, the major brands are gone, only a few parts like lenses and temples remain. Check the website for product availability.

Randolph Engineering status: All of the Randolph Engineering sunglasses are gone. We have some temples and replacement lenses, that's about it. We are running out of lenses with the logo's on them but we still have a large supply of glass, polarized and plastic lenses in our lab for your non-prescrition sunglasses, the only difference is the one's that come out of our lab do not have logo's printed on them.

Ray-Ban status: They are all gone. All of the popular styles are gone, all of the gold replacement temples are gone, we still have plenty of black skull and cable temples. We still have replacement lenses with logo's for some items, and can of course cut lenses for your needs from our own lab, without logo's, we have a large stock of glass, polarized and plastic lenses for non-prescription sunglasses.

We have quit taking orders for prescription lenses, we have cut our ties with the labs. So please don't send us your frame asking for prescriptions. We can still cut some "reader" lenses in glass or plastic, see "Custom cut Reader Lenses". We have a small stock of reader lenses on hand. If you check out this website you can find out what is left. You can always email us with a request for whatever you need, even if you can't find it on the site, we are not reordering anything, the whole idea now is to sell everything we have.

How to communicate with us from now until the end:

Since we have just entered semi-retirement, we won't be able to take phones calls, best to contact us by email. We'll be working 3 or 4 days a week.

The best way to communicate as we prepare to close the doors will be via email at hidalgos@suddenlinkmail.com or by FAX at 318-641-9700, or by ordering on this website (remember, you can leave us messages in the "comments" area of the order blank for special questions, instructions, conditions of sale,etc.). 

The fastest way to process orders is to order on the website, we may not be in the office when your order comes in, but we check email and the website several times a day. You can also FAX (at 318-641-9700) your order to us, that way we will have everything we need to process the order when we come in to the office. It is very difficult for us to establish phone communications at this time, we can work on email, fax and website orders 24/7, but phone order take too much time we simply don't have.

Don't forget, if you choose to order on the website you can use the "comments" area on the order blank to leave any specific instructions, we read these carefully as customers normally put important information in that section, instructions such as "call before shipping", etc., anything we need to know before processing your order.

Website orders are handled a little differently than the old phone method, due to new credit card security, we no longer have access to your complete credit card number, so if we need to change the order by increasing the amount, we can't do this, we can only lower the amount of the original charge, especially important now since we are selling out and may not have everything as we did before.

Last chance to stock up, everything must go

We'll keep in touch on this homepage to let you know as things change.